[INFORMATION] DJ KAINE (Paris - France) : Elektro Bunker / Liquid Sky / Underground FG

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KAINE is a kid of the eighties, brought up to the sound of the 808 and the dirt filled 8 bit bleeps of the first atari 2600, back then Hip Hop and Electrofunk got his head noddin. A real music lover, he's had a wide range of influences before falling for techno music in 93 with the emerging rave scene in Paris. Out goes the guitar and he gets two turntables, spinning for friends and his first parties. In 97, he get's noticed by Radio FG, now known as FG DJ Radio, the first radio to break out electronic music of all sorts and greatly responsible for it's popularity in France.
Till 2007, Kaine has been a weekly resident playing the best underground music whether it be house, techno, dub, electro, and of course minimal, building up his own style along with famous Djs like Laurent Garnier, Carl Cox, Dj Gregory, D'julz...
It's been an oppurtunity for him to receive such guests as Gary Martin, Scan 7, Dan Bell, Cabanne, Jake Farley, Benno Blome, Jeremy P Caulfield, Mau Mau. He's toured all over France with venues like the Rex, Nouveau Casino, Batofar, Gibus, Metropolis, La Scène, Vertigo, Hi Hotel, and events (...)

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MySpace Music : www.myspace.com/djkaine
Contact : kaine@audiomix.net

[MUSIC] KAINE (Dj / Producer)
KAINE "Underground FG" (Dj Mix) - 2007/12/18 - 60mn / 82Mo
KAINE "Underground FG" (Dj Mix) - 2007/12/05 - 60mn / 82Mo
KAINE "Underground FG" (Dj Mix) - 2007/11/20 - 38mn / 52Mo
KAINE "Underground FG" (Dj Mix) - 2007/11/13 - 60mn / 82Mo
KAINE "Underground FG" (Dj Mix) - 2007/10/29 - 60mn / 82Mo
KAINE "Underground FG" (Dj Mix) - 2007/10/23 - 60mn / 82Mo
KAINE "Radio FG Live" (Dj Mix) - 2004/11/26 - 58mn / 40Mo
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