LOKEY is a dancing electro-techno project with a real electronic taste... a subtle mix between pure electronic rhythm, new-wave ambiances, pop recurrences and percussive leitmotivs !

With Lokey, the great producer LAMASHEÏK engage his electronic roots as a caution of effectiv and topical tracks.
In his live performances, Lokey allies the deviancy of digital treatment with the analogic groove of the machine :
a mental experience for the body and the soul...

Official website : www.lokey.synkrone.com

[MUSIC] LOKEY (Live-acts / Producer)
LOKEY "You Pop" - Single - (P) Synkrone
LOKEY "Stalker" - Single - (P) Synkrone
LOKEY "Neighborhood" - Single - (P) Synkrone
LOKEY "Spook" - Single - (P) Synkrone
LAMASHEÏK "Live-act @ Pixels" - 2001/12/28
LAMASHEÏK "Live-act @ Rezolutions" - 2000/12/22
LAMASHEÏK "Live-act @ Absurde Webradio" - 2000/11/15
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