[INFORMATION] NUWERK (Synkrone - E-Beat / France)

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NUWERK delivers energetic techno sourced by electro sequences and analogical sounds. He produce records (Electro, Techno, Hardtek, EBM...) and live-acts with visual in real time !

Nuwerk in the media :
France Culture : "The Multipistes sessions in Alsace always invite us to discover some new musical talents, supplying a fresh and varied production... Nuwerk's world is a world which sends us to other universes like those of Kraftwerk, Front 242, a germano-belgian axis that seems natural fot a native of Strasbourg, but a world which is not focused on the past..."
Coda : "Influenced by Electronic Body Music, Nuwerk visiting other Eighties. Front 242 and D.A.F. are you there ?..."
Only For DJ's : "Electro and techno addicts, here is a delight !"
Trax : "Nuwerk refines a techno sound with a dancefloor bias. Highly recommanded for powerful sensations !"
Polystyrene : "The dark and punchy music of Nuwerk is fully in the groove..."

MySpace Music : www.myspace.com/nuwerk
Official website : www.nuwerk.com

[MUSIC] NUWERK (Live-acts / Producer)
NUWERK "Emergency" - Single - (P) Synkrone
NUWERK "Fight Game" - Single - (P) Synkrone
NUWERK "Dark Side" - Single - (P) Synkrone
NUWERK "Action" - Single - (P) Synkrone
NUWERK "Body & Mind" - Single - (P) Synkrone
NUWERK "Amplified Decay" - Single - (P) Synkrone
NUWERK "Brainstorm" - Single - (P) Synkrone
NUWERK vs LAPSED "Drum Floor" - Single - (P) Synkrone
NUWERK "Live-act @ Pixel05" - Live Recording
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